The first documented existence of a brewery on the location of today's Kneitinger at Arnulfsplatz was recorded more than 400 years ago. After many changes of ownership, in 1861 Johann Kneitinger I came into the possession of the brewery via marriage, together with the already existing Sommerkeller at Galgenberg.

The skilled master brewer was the first to develop our strong Bockbier, with great success. After his death, his son Johann Kneitinger II refined the beer recipes even more and won the top prizes at international exhibitions. He also opened the restaurant at Arnulfsplatz, today known as the "mother house".

Then, in the third generation, Johann Kneitinger III continued to manage the traditional company together with his wife Sofie. He died in 1975, and Sofie was his sole heir. Since they had no children, Sofie decided to transfer her wealth to a charitable trust upon her death.

While she was still living, she founded the "Hans und Sofie Kneitinger-Stiftung" in 1985. In her will she determined that her wealth would be transferred to the foundation after her death.

She died in 1991 and since then, the foundation has been the owner and operator of the Johann Kneitinger Brewery. The foundation fulfils its purpose mainly through donations to the St. Leonhard children's home and the senior residence "Bürgerheim Kumpfmühl".

In recent years the foundation has succeeded in significantly improving the intrinsic value of the foundation, by making extensive investments in buildings (e.g. the "mother house" at Arnulfsplatz, purchasing and renovating more restaurants).